Are Logitech harmony 880 remotes able to run with windows 7?

Are Logitech harmony 880 remotes able to run with windows 7?

I keep getting the error message that another application is already communicating with the remote

YouTube – CES 2008 – Logitech Harmony One

A Logitech Harmony 550 Universal Remote Review – Is it Really Worth It?

Most homes have numerous devices that require a remote to take full advantage of the features they offer. It’s nice to have all of that at our fingertips but it can be a real hassle when you have to deal with a handful of different remotes. The Logitech Harmony 550 universal remote is made to be programmed with up to 15 different devices. It’s database contains support Read the rest of this entry »

Latest Logitech Harmony news – Hands On: Logitech’s $50 Harmony 300 Remote

Hey Readers! I’ve been comin across some crazy stuff the past few days from a few different blogs around the web which I just had to share with you. Check em out below…

Hands On: Logitech's $50 Harmony 300 Remote

In January of 2008, Logitech updated its universal remote line with the $249.99 Logitech Harmony One, featuring a new ergonomic build and …    Read the rest of this entry »

Logitech Harmony Universal TV Remote Controls Cuts the Confusion of Multiple Remote Controls

Do you remember when you had to get up from the sofa to manually change the channel on the television set? Now, not only do we have remote control TV, but we also have remote control VCR’s, DVD players, DVR’s, and a whole host of other electronic contraptions attached to our television sets. Needless to say there is often a lot of confusion over what remote control Read the rest of this entry »