880 Remote – Arguably the Best Universal Remote

The Logitech Harmony 880 Advanced Universal Remote Control is one of the best Logitech universal remote controls on the market. Its unique combination of features and functionality make it the last remote control that you will ever need. This universal remote is optimized to control home theater and HDTV systems. It has one button functionality that allows the user to control both the audio and visual aspects of their home theaters with ease. It has been designed to handle the complex and complicated demands of high-end systems and compliments them nicely. The Logitech Harmony 880 has a color LCD screen that can be programmed with up to eight customized functions. It also comes with a recharging station that eliminates the need to purchase batteries.

One of the remotes best features is the Smart State Technology that it employs. This technology allows the remote to track up to fifteen separate components of your system at the same time. This includes television, VCR, blu-ray player, stereo, and any other devices. This total control streamlines the process of operating a complicated home theater system by eliminating redundancy and clutter. Users can simply press a button to watch television or listen to music and the remote automatically knows which devices to use.

Setting up the remote control is easy. Before you actually use it, it guides you through a wizard that asks you about your particular preferences. Using it is even easier. The Logitech 880 remote has been designed ergonomically and its buttons are situated to allow users to operate the remote without actually having to look at it. The ease of programming, coupled with its physical design, make the 880 one of the most functional remotes that you can buy.

The Logitech 880 remote has made operating a home theater effortless. Simply buy, program, and the remote control does the rest. If you are looking for a quality remote control that removes all of the fuss that comes with operating a convoluted home theater system, the Logitech Harmony 880 Universal Remote is probably the best universal remote on the market.

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