Harmoney One – Why Your Entertainment Center Needs a Harmoney One

The Logitech Harmony One universal remote is your solution to the endless frustrations inherent in setting up and synchronizing your home entertainment system. Quit fumbling with multiple remotes, trying to match factory remotes to their device, trying to set up other universal remotes that take hours of button pressing to program, struggling to replace a lost or broken remote (only to find that he one your purchased is incompatible with your TV, DVD player, or game console). And what about all the batteries needed to power these numerous remote controls? This universal remote is ergonomically shaped and rechargeable. Its come with a charging dock and can control up to 15 devices at once.

Easy and guided setup!

This universal remote hooks up to you computer for programming, but can programmed in more than a few different ways. The user-friendly software is easy to use and makes programming the remote simple and quick, it takes less than 30 minutes! Guided setup is also available if you need help. The Logitech Harmony One universal remote has a bright and colorful touch screen that makes operating the remote straight forward and is user-friendly for the whole family. Simply select the activity you want such as “watch tv”, “watch DVD”, or “listen to radio”.

This universal remote is even versatile enough to take the place of DVR remotes. Motion sensors on the remote know when it’s ready to be used. This remote is the ultimate in personalization, pictures from your computer can be loaded and displayed on the screen. Don’t worry about compatibility. This remote is compatible with almost all devices on the market and even with older units. Even if you can’t find a model number this remote can be programmed using an existing remote programmed to that device.

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