Logitech Harmony 880 Advanced Universal Remote Control is There a Better Remote Out?

Why be stuck in the past with remotes that don’t have a screen at all or when they do, it’s in black and white? The Logitech Harmony 880 advanced universal remote control has a nice color screen that’s easy on the eyes. From the menu you’re able to control up to 15 different remotes that you can program it for. It’s even programmed so you’re able to switch between a 4:3 ratio for regular TV or a 16:9 ratio for when you’re watching movies or HDTV. It’s easy and very user friendly.

It is unfair how easy it is to program the harmony 880 remote, you simply hook it up to your computer and a program wizard does all the work. And another amazing feature is it’s easy to use, so anyone can use it without problems, from your 3 year old child to your 75 year old mother in law.

The remote’s screen also lets you see how much battery life you have left. One of the money saving features about the Harmony 880 remote is that it comes with it’s own recharging dock. When you’re done using it just place it back on the dock and it’ll recharge it’s Lithium-ion battery. You can get about one week’s worth of use out of the remote without charging it.

In our experience at this price you can’t go wrong with buying this awesome universal remote, it has all that you need to control all of your home theater needs and more if you like.

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