Logitech Harmony 880 questions?

Logitech Harmony 880 questions?

Hi All!

Looking at purchasing the Logitech Harmony 880, but have a few quick questions first.

1) From what I understand about the remote, I can be watching TV and then, for instance, basically hit “watch DVD” (or whatever) and the remote knows how to go ahead and change my Audio Receiver, TV, etc. to the correct input?

2) Does the remote work well with DirecTV navigation and DVR recording?

3) Some remotes I've had offer a function where every button on the remote is operating the Satellite receiver EXCEPT the volume/mute buttons, which can be “locked” into the receiver volume at all times (i.e. the buttons will never try to control TV volume because I don't want sound coming through the TV speakers). Does the 880 have similar functionality?

4) Lastly, if you own one, is it worth the $$$?

Thanks everyone!

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