Logitech Harmony remote w/ Home Theater Question?

Logitech Harmony remote w/ Home Theater Question?


I set up a Home Theater, and I am looking to buy a universal remote.

I have had a Logitech Harmony in the past, and thought I would get one again.

The components of the HT are:
Projector (IR)
Screen (IR/RF)
Blu-Ray Player (IR)
TiVo (IR)
HT Receiver (IR)
XBOX 360 (RF)

Now all of these are behind a cabinet door (except for the projector and screen of course)…

How would I be able to set this up so that I can power the IR receivers w/ an RF remote?

Someone once told me RF can power IR… idk how true that is though..?

Are there any kind of converters? Or maybe a transmitter and I would be able to put in the cabinet that is strong enough to send the signal to all the components inside?

I am just looking for possible solutions to this problem.


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