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The Logitech Harmony Advanced Universal Remote for the Xbox 360 is a real universal remote. The only thing that makes it stand apart is its Xbox 360 only features. Xbox 360 owners will like the swish design of this remote. Its 8.5 inches long by two inches in width by 0.75 inches ( and that’s at its deepest ).

Now of course since the Xbox 360 is white, silver and green, the Harmony 360 Remote is also the same colors. This is nice because it matches the games consoleperfectly, but the remote will stand out like a sore thumb amongst your other home theater elements. Some folks may not care, but then again, some folks may care a lot.

The remote’s layout is actually packed from end to end. It has the complete numeric keypad, the full playback transport controls, four-way directional pad, and it also has 4 particular buttons for the Xbox 360. The buttons unfortunately are made out of soft rubbery material, so I have to knock points off for that. But the style of the remote is really appealing to claim the least. Now as for the Xbox 360 only buttons that I’d mentioned above, they’re at the centre of the remote and are color coded to correspond to the X,Y,A and B buttons found on the Xbox 360 controller. These can be programmed through the software of the remote just like all the other keys. But regular Xbox 360 gamers may find the buttons less intuitive, because the buttons aren’t aligned properly on the remote as they need to be. So using the buttons might be more of a real pain than a pleasure.

The Harmony Remote comes already loaded with complete enabled 360 functions. To add other devices to the remote’s memory, you have got to use the web-based software just like the other Logitech Harmony Remotes. You’re able to store up to twelve devices, and this remote is also enabled with the great activity buttons feature. The activity buttons make allowance for one|1 touch control over multiple elements. Once you try this, you’ll understand why this feature is so great.

Without any doubt, The Harmony 360 Universal Remote will be a welcome addition to any Xbox 360 setup. It is not an ideal remote, but it has first-class features along with a cost that makes this remote hard to pass on.

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